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How to Wear My Colours

Give your swatch to your partner or friend when they want to buy you something special!



Your Shopping Swatch - INCLUDED as part of your Colour Analysis

30 fabric swatches in your best colours - displayed inside a protective wallet you can keep in your bag. 

Use your Shopping Swatch to:

  • Easily find clothes in your range of colours when shopping.   Check an item of clothing against the swatch before trying it on to see if it is a good colour for you.  You will be taking less items in the changing room and finding you like more of what you try on.

  • Check new items will create outfits with clothes you already have at home before you buy.  Your swatch puts your wardrobe in your handbag.  Will these shoes go with my new blue dress?  Compare the shoes to the swatch you used to buy the dress!
  • 'Weed' your wardrobe.  Our wardrobes often hold items that we have never worn.  Quickly sort your clothes into yes, no and maybe.  Now you have a guide you can remove those items you know you won't be wearing to make space for something new.
  • Find new and interesting colour combinations, unique to you.  Experiment with your rules and create colour combinations that are individual to you and not seen in the shops.
  • Souvenir shop on holiday.  The quality of light away from home can be very different and its affect on colour can lead to disappointment with purchases when you return. Use your swatch when buying clothes as souvenirs and you can be sure of wearing them back home.
  • Gift shop.  Give your swatch to your friend - when they want to buy you something special!

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