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A swatch is just
a group of colours
 until you understand
they were chosen


Guide to Wearing Colour - INCLUDED as part of your Colour Analysis

The guide includes the results of your Personal Colour Analysis.  It describes your best range of colours and advises you how to wear them in complementary ways.

Use your Guide to:

  • Get to know your colours.  We list the colours in your swatch giving the colour's name and season.  This will help you get to know the colours and follow the your colour rules. 

  • Learn about your colour analysis classification.  We advise you of your Seasonal and Tonal mix and explain how this determines which group of colours will complement you.   You can use either classification, or a combination of both, to find lots of tips and advice on wearing colour in magazines and on the web.  You will also be able to adapt new season colour trends to suit you.

    Colour Me Beautiful Seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter Your guide will explain the qualities of your 'season' and how this relates to your natural colouring.

    Tonal Direction Light, Deep, Warm, Cool, Bright or Soft Your Guide will explain your tonal mix and how this relates to the colours that look great on you.

  • Find your colour rules.  Simple rules on how to wear your colours separately and in combinations that will flatter you.

  • Learn a simple make-up with colours to suit you.  When your make-up colours are in tune with both your natural colouring and the clothes you are wearing, the overall effect is one of natural beauty.  We suggest some shades for you to try according to your season/tone. Our a simply illustrated guide explains how to choose and apply make-up.

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