Simple Online Colour Analysis - how we find your colours

When you wear colours that are in tune with your personal colouring you can be confident you look good.

With our convenient online package you can get a smart swatch of your best colours to take shopping and learn how to put them together.  You will have something in your wardrobe you want to wear.

So how do we do a colour analysis online?

We ask you to complete a simple questionnaire to capture key elements of your personal colour. 

We review your selections and follow them up with some individual questions to clear any areas of doubt.


Any questions?
We will happily answer your questions as we go.

Your Photographs
We will be pleased to review your photographs during the consultation advise you regarding the colour. 


             Seasons                        Tones


Colour Classifications
We will tell you your colour classification according to the 2 most popular Colour Analysis systems: Seasons & Tones

You will then be able to look up your classification in books and fashion magazines to find more information and advice. 

You can also discover which celebrities share your season/tone mix and find new colour combinations to try. 


Colour Swatch & Guide to Wearing Colour
We put your 30 best colours including neutrals into a shopping swatch for you to keep in your handbag.  Your guide will explain your natural colour tones and advise you how to wear your colours to achieve that 'just right' look.

See more details on My Colour Swatch and Wearing Your Colours


Our personal colour analysis service, (including guide & swatch) costs 65 and is available to you wherever you are. Start Now

If you are not sure this service is for you, please Contact Us tell us what you need.



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